OAT History Curriculum

The Updated OAT History Curriculum Please read the overview tables for each year alongside the important principles for each enquiry table YEAR 7 Autumn1 Autumn2 Spring1 Spring2 Summer1 Summer2 Key Enquiry Question: What changed from the Stone Age to the Vikings? (Bridging History)   What makes a good historian? What was migrating along the SilkContinue reading “OAT History Curriculum”

Typical History Lesson Activities

A trainee asked but ‘what do you actually do with pupils in typical KS3 lessons? So this is my list of typical and common activities I would use, that might be of use in generating ideas. Entrance/Start of lesson -Retrieval – differing level q challenge grid, interleaving quizzes (last lesson, last week, last month) keywordContinue reading “Typical History Lesson Activities”

Ofsted History Report Take-aways

Jenner’s report has its own summary of key points as you read it through, but below is a mixture of key take-aways and my favourite quotes to focus thinking on from the Ofsted research review for History History Ofsted Research Report – Key Quotes Curriculum High quality curriculum requires content emphasis within lessons to be ‘made live’.Continue reading “Ofsted History Report Take-aways”

Digital Reading Lists for Teachers

Ideal places to start for Early Career Teachers Pedagogy (TS2 How pupils learn, TS4 Classroom practice, TS5 Adaptive teacher) T&L – Google Drive Summary of Kate Jones, Retrieval Practice  T&L – Google Drive, Summary of Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction  Principles of Instruction: Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know, by Barak Rosenshine; American Educator Vol. 36,Continue reading “Digital Reading Lists for Teachers”

Hello from me…

I’ve been a teacher for 15 years. Im currently a part time OAT Lead Practitioner for Humanities across 40 schools. I’m a Teaching and Learning and Curriculum enthusiast. I’m passionate about CPD from ITT to Developing Leaders, Coaching and Educational Research and currently act as a coach and facilitator for a range of leadership courses.Continue reading “Hello from me…”